Robinson Crusoe - Crewman

NOTE: This product - along with all other Robinson Crusoe Promos & Mini Expansions - is included in the Robinson Crusoe: Treasure Chest

Crewman cards are not considered players, but are special Characters that are used to reduce the difficulty of a scenario. Regardless of the number of players, before you start the game, you can choose 1 Crewman card. These do not affect the total number of players when considering Shelter, Roof and Palisade costs or in any other case.

There are 6 different Crewman cards available in this set.

For the Artist and the Old Cook apply the same rules as for Friday, with the following changes:
• both Artist and the Old Cook require Shelter, otherwise during the Night phase they receive Wounds for sleeping in the open air;
• Determination tokens are useless for them;
• the Old Cook is affected by weather;
• when playing with the Artist the First Player receives +1 in the Morale phase;
• when playing with the Old Cook, during each Hunting action the Beast gives the players +1 and +1 .


During Action phase one of the players may re-roll one Action die of any color.
The Pilgrim is immune to all game effects.


Playing with the Quatermaster, each Starting Item can be used 4 times instead of only 2 (place 4 markers on each Starting Item card at the beginning of the game).
The Quartermaster Is immune to all game effects.

Any time a player heals and makes the wound marker pass the decrease Morale space in reverse, the may increase Morale by 1. This Crewman has a limited life and is affected by Weather. Doesn’t have to eat in the Night phase. 

Allows you to play the game with a face-up Hunting deck and is immune to all game effects.