Basilica 2.0 PRE-ORDER

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Basilica is a republication of an iconic game by Łukasz M. Pogoda (ORP Orzeł, Sawanna) from 2010. A basilica unlike anything the world has ever seen is being built in Florence. Not one, but two architects are working on it. The first received this task from the queen, the second - from the bishop of the diocese. Which of them will design a larger part of the temple, thus gaining fame and wealth? In this two-player, dynamic game you will encounter a whole lot of tactical solutions and negative interactions. During your turn, you will have to perform three actions, adding more Vault elements to the board, placing Builders underneath them, and giving them all sorts of orders. Oftentimes, your opponent will be able to pay to copy a player's action outside of your turn, so you must plan each move carefully. In the new edition of Basilica, you will find a mini-expansion - Festum Fatuorum, which adds special Basilica tiles and Altar tokens to the game.